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“Thinking of Insulation product, thinking of P.S. Foam Insulation “
     P.S. Foam Insulation Company Limited has been established for more than 20 years, located in the center of Bangkok.

We sells nearly every kinds of insulation products i.e. all types of foams packaging (made to order), Fiberglass, Aluminum Foils, PE Tapes, Rubber Sheets, as well as any kinds of plastic packaging. With our solid experience in this field of business, we are sure that we can be one of your best consultants in designing or recommending the suitable products to fit with your purposes/needs. You will be surprised and interested in our products prices. Please call us. All your Queries & Questions are always welcome

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All EPS Foams & Insulations Fiberglass
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614, Somdej Phrachao Taksin Rd., Bukkalo, Thonburi, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
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